Reporting metadata via registration form for university publications

For registration of URN related information for entire documents, the main web form within the field group internet address and further document related information is complemented by following fields:

As document feature, the MD5 check sum is not directly related to the Persistent Identifier (URN).

For this reason, the MD5 check sum is recorded there.

This information is included in the URN administrative system of the project.

Checks of MD5 check sum of documents in regular intervals shall safeguard consistency of online resources and herewith permanent citation capability.

The indication of MD5 check sum is optional.

The subfield "Persistent Identifier" is divided into the following parts:

URN (further namespaces) and DOI fields are optional.

This considers cases with more than one Persistent Identifier for one online resource.

The data are stored in the URN administrative system of the project and will be indicated "Alternative Persistent Identifier" as result of the resolving process.