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Persistent Identification Systems Study of the Australian National Library; a critical and detailed study conducted by a management consultancy.

Persistent Identifier Systeme

Uniform Resource Name (URN)

IANA-Registry of URN namespaces Registry containing officially registered URN namespaces, except namespaces in draft status.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

DOI homepage Homepage providing information on DOI applications, standards of basic DOI technology, software, metadata etc.
DOI manual Detailed and profound documentation of DOI system.
DOI applications Brief description of goals of registration agencies with links to further information.
DOI system description Links to content related and technical descriptions of DOI systems.


Homepage The Handle System is a technical development of CNRI; essentially containing a set of protocols to assign, manage, and resolve Persistent Identifiers in the form of handles.
Documentation Links to technical documentations, standards and descriptions of various organisational, administrative and technical aspects.
Reference implementations Links to further information.

Existing resolving mechanisms

Resolving via HTTP-redirect

RFC2169 A Trivial Convention for using HTTP in URN Resolution
PURL Homepage providing links to applied technology and workflow, general information on PURLs as well as further sources.

Auflösung mittels Proxy-Server

Experimental System for URN resolving via Proxy Description of prototype at UKOLN to resolve DOI based for URN resolving URNs via Proxy Squid. Summary published in June 1998. System working with Netscape only.
Handle system Detailed information on applied technology available through following links:
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Demonstration of Proxy Resolving Mechanim

Examples of products for Proxy and PlugIn based resolving mechanisms

The SFX product Web presentation containing functional product description, information on applied standards e.g. OpenURL and a demonstration. Further information available under:
URN integration in browser Link collection of various approaches for solution

Institutions / Organizations

IANA "Internet Assigned Numbers Authority" (IANA) (IANA) exercises central coordinating functions for internet related services e.g. technical protocol parameters, internet standards, domain name service, IP address service. IANA is embedded in the organisational structure of ICANN.
ICANN "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers" (ICANN) assigns and registers domain names, protocol parameters e.g. ftp, http, assigns IP address spaces and manages root server systems.
IETF "Internet Engineering Task Force" develops internet standards. Mainly network designers and developers as well as distributors form this open community.
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) W3C develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, tools) for the web.
CNRI "Corporation for National Research Initiatives" actively supports and promotes research in fields of public interest, e.g. activities in strategic development of network based information technologies and in research and development of a national information infrastructure.
CDNL/CENL activities with identifiers Summarising a workshop of national libraries at 66th IFLA conference in the year 2000.

Examples of Persistent Identifier implementations

URN implementations within CARMEN-AP4 project Homepage containing following information:
  • Project description
  • Link collection
  • Lectures
  • Implementations of project participants
  • Status: January 2003