URN:NBN Resolving Plugin for Internet Explorer (version 5.0 onwards), Windows XP, NT, 2000

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. De-Installation
4. Support
5. Copyright
6. ChangeLog

1. Introduction

At present URNs administered by the German National Library are resolved from within their URLs, so that the "Resolver URL" is given together with the URN, for example http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:gbv:089-3321752945. The application and use of URNs will be simplified, if the URN resolution happens without the "Resolver URL" (http://nbn-resolving.de/...):

In the framework of the EPICUR project a Plugin for the Internet Explorer (version 5.0 onwards), which Windows XP, NT and 2000 is provided a direct resolution of URNs with the "NBN" namespace.

Screenshot 1: URN in IE's input line

Screenshot 2: URN presentation as a link (<a href="urn:nbn:de:gbv:089-3321752945"/>)

2. Installation

Step 1: Check your software installation authorisation.

You should authorized to install software on your local system in order to perform the installation of the URN Protocol Handler. Please contact the responsible administrator.

Schritt 2: Download the Plugins

Save the binary of the URN protocol plugin anywhere on your local hard drive and unpack the file.

ie-urn-plugin.zip  (MD5-checksum: a8eac40d247048de520f3a47a8f2cba0)

On request, a version to install the IE-plugin in a data processing service center could be provided.

Schritt 3: Installing the IE-plugin

The installation is activated by clicking on the appropriate file on your hard drive. Following the instructions, the plugin will then be automatically installed. Close the browser and then re-launch it.

You can now enter URNs from the NBN namespace directly in browser's address line or follow links on a website directly from a URL.

Beispiele: urn:nbn:de:gbv:089-3321752945
Note: These examples work only after the plugin has been successfully installed in the IE-browser.

4. De-installation

De-installation under Windows XP

Step 1: Close the IE-browser.
Step 2: Go to menu "system control" and select "software". A software package list will be showed. You have to click on "URN protocol plugin". Then it will be uninstalled.
Step 3: Start the IE-browser.

5. Support

If you have questions to the installation or de-installation of this plugin, please contact your administrator or the IT-Service of the German National Library.

6. Copyright

Das URN protocol plugin is freely available for download.

7. ChangeLog

200-01-14 Initial Release